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Not Current

Newest listings on the MLS arent updated. Also, despite choosing the setting to not show pending listings, they still show up in the search results. You have to scroll down about midway through each listing to be able to tell if its pending or available.

No floor plans for rented properties

Downloaded and deleted the same day. I dont know about the buy side of the app but the rent side. What kind of app doesnt show floor plans?

Where have all the features gone?

The current release lost the ability to search by school district or radius from a desired location. Why remove them? These were critical features. Bring the old features back!

USED to be great

This app used to be great! The properties status seemed to be updated as they would on an MLS site and it generally seemed to have better information than Zillow. I dont know if there was an update, but now almost all of the pictures of the homes are blurry!

Old version way better

I had this app for a long time and loved it. It accidentally got deleted and when I downloaded it again it was totally different. Im not sure what they were thinking with the latest update. They took an amazing real estate app and rendered it virtually useless. The search radius option was removed, as were the ability to select property features, lot size, etc. I have to use the web version to find what I am looking for which is incredibly frustrating. Because of my husbands work we have a specific mile radius to search. Im deleting the app for now because without those features it is useless to me. Hopefully they will do another update ASAP and bring back all the missing features. So disappointing!!!!

Broke stuff is fixed, new stuff broken.

Big problems. This used to be the greatest app, but now they just dont care. The map shows listings, but many times Ill tap a listing and get a different house. Its maddening how bad this app has gotten.

Accuracy is key

I love this app because of its accuracy. Plain and simple. They dont have old property or outdated data

App no longer works

Update: I got an iPhone 6 Plus and the app is still The worst MLS app you can get. So glitchy! I recommend using Zillow. This used to be a great app but has completely stopped working. I have a Iphone 5 and I have tried deleting and downloading several times with no luck. Just continue to get a lack of communication with the server message. Restarting phone has done me no good either. Time to go to Zillow or Trullia :(

What happened?

Used to be my favorite app for home buying. Since the last update it is terrible. It is confusing, does not respond well and you have to push too many back buttons to get anything done. Bring back the old user friendly app.

Terrible schools info

Downloaded because they advertised you could search by schools. You cannot. At least on the mobile app, you cannot. It doesnt even give all three assigned schools (elem., middle, high) for the majority of any of the homes on my search results. It appears to randomly provide either one or two of them.

New version - FAIL

Im a long time user of the app, since its earliest versions. Without near term improvements, Im going to uninstall and look for something else. I like to use the app on an iPad to scan a large neighborhood in a few passes, by dividing it into thirds and refreshing. Two deficiencies conspire to make this impossible in the new version. 1) too much screen space is wasted with a bulky list that is not hideable or removable. 2) price flags are too large relative to the visible map size, and they position themselves as overlaps unless you zoom in to an uncomfortably close level.

New version not to par

Enjoyed the older version better this new version seems to be very similar to competitors, and never liked theirs

Slow as molasses

Ever since the update, I no longer rely on this app. It is so unresponsive. Difficult to skip from house to house in map view. No longer has Solds listed- how are we supposed to know values?? I hate how out of date zillow is, but in forced to use it now


This app used to be incredible. Unfortunately, the developers decided removing features would be a good idea, and this app is not nearly as useful as it was previously.

A good tool for sellers and buyers

My clients make great use of this app!


Easy to use.

Pretty Good, A Few Concerns

A good app for the most part, but it doesnt seem to recognize some of my preferences like double car garage and single story. I dont want to have to filter through homes like these that I wont consider purchasing.

Very Good

I practical and very easy to move !!

Sad! Please roll back this update!!

This app went from number one on my phone to deleted. The five star rating must be coming from the designers.

Dont fix if it isnt broke

Latest version doesnt retrieve search results that align with filter. Especially searches saved in my profile. Retrieves lots of properties nothing like my filters. Useful for mapping to properties I save on my laptop while using the web version.

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